Yesterday I Sat Idle Changing Television Channel, I Suddenly Stopped After Watching An Advertisement Of New Policy From LIC On Cancer Cover Plan. It Is Online Health Insurance With Low Premium And Several Benefits Including Income Benefits. This Advertisement Reminds Me My First Job Where I Saw My First Cancer Patient. It Was The First-Day Sorry ... Night Of My New RMO Job After Completing My BAMS. Dr. Ravi Introduced To Whole Staff And Took Me To Ward For Basic Guidelines Of Job And Other Procedures. First Of All He Had Shown Me The General Ward And Told Me "Look Dr.Shweta Here Are Only Three Patiens . Bed Number 1 Patient Is Suffering From Diarrhea , He Is Stable. Collect His Blood Sample Tomorrow And Send For Serum Electrolyte. Bed Number Five Patient Is Under Orthopedics , He Is Suffering From Neck Pain. Give Him Tab.Tramedol And Seven Kg's Traction. We Were Moving From One Ward To Other . He Was Continuously Instructing Me And I Am Noting All His Instructions In My Notebook. 

Finally We Went Into The ICU. There Was Only One Patient. Dr.Ravi Told Me That The Patient Was A Doctor And Was Suffering From Rectal Carcinoma And He Had Been Admitted Because Of Heavy Bleeding. After Completing My Work I Entered Into The ICU. I Saw Dr. Sarvesh Was Suffering From Severe Pain And His Diaper Was Flooded With Blood, I Called To Wardboy And Told Him To Change Diaper. While Wardboy Started Changing Diaper, He Pulled His Diaper Forcefully. Dr.Sarvesh Yelled With The Pain . At The Same Moment ,His Sister And Father Entered Into The Room And Asked Wardboy Not To Change Diaper , And They Would Change. They Took Charge Of Sarvesh And Both Started Changing Diaper. Wardboy Went Out Of Room With Anger. After Changing Diaper Dr.Sarvesh’ Sister Dr.Neeta Came Toward Me And Asked, “Are You New Here? I Am Meeting You First Time.” I Replied Her, “Yes, My First Day”. After Some Some Time Dr.Neeta Came To Me And Asked To Call Dr.Rao And Inform Him About Another Line Of Treatment Or Some New Injectable To Stop Profuse Bleeding. She Started Crying. I Called Dr. Rao But Bell Was Just Ringing Since It Was Too Late Around One A.M. After Two Three Attempts Dr.Rao Answered The Call With Long Yawning. I Started, “ Hello Sir, Sorry To Disturb You. I Am New RMO From Your Hospital. In ICU There Is One Paitent Sarvesh Who Is Suffering From Profuse Bleeding” . He Reluctantly Said , '' Yes, I Know He Is Last Stage Patient . What Else? I Have Given All The Stuff To Him Already ..” I Interrupted Him And Told Him That Patient’s Sister Was Crying And Asking For Any New Injectables. Dr. Rao Reacted, “She Is A Doctor And Why She Is Becoming So Emotional? Give Her Phone. 

I Transfered Call To Dr. Neeta. I Don’t Know What Dr.Rao Said To Her , But She Stopped Crying.Next Day Dr.Sarvesh’s Mother Was Arrived There. She Was Continuously Crying And Calling His Son. Sarvesh Screamed To His Mother “Please Let Me Sleep.” I Told To His Mother, " More Aunty , Sit Outside, Don’t Disturb Him”. I Went Outside . Mrs.More Called Me . I Didn’t Know How To React That Situation. She Said Sorry To Me And Started Telling Me About Dr.Sarvesh. “Sarvesh Is Just Twenty Eight Year Old And Just Completed His MD In Medicine. Hardly Had He Started His Practise When He Came To Know About His Rectal Carcinoma. He Went To All Doctors , Received Chemotherapy But His Disease Was Extensive So Didn’t Respond To Any Treatment. Dr Rao Told Us That He Will Die Soon. We Don’t Know What To Do; We Gave Our Everything. No Money , No Prayers Are Working Before Bad Luck."I Remind That Was Rakshabhdhan Day When Sarvesh Become More Critical. Neeta Tied Rakhi On His Hand And Started Crying. As Hospital Had Not Super Facilities For His Advanced Treatment We Transferred Him To Nearer Multispecialty Hospital.After Two – Three Days , I Came To Know From Dr. Ravi That Dr.Sarvesh Passed Away. Dr.Sarvesh's Parents And Sister Spent More Than Fourteen Lakhs But Money Could Not Save Him. They Sold Their Home For His Treatment. Sarvesh Died At A Very Early Age. I Think Loss Of More Family Is Irreversible. They Lost Their Young And Talented Son. This Experience Taught Me That Disease Or Any Bad Condition Come To Us Without Any Information And Irrespective Of Our Profession Or Our Condition Least Bother Whether You Are Doctor Or Lawyer. So We Have To Be Prepared.


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