Rama Ben A Lean Body Sixty - Five-Years Lady Landed To My Clinic With Her Middle Aged Daughter. I Was Her Twelve Or Thirteenth Physician When She Visited My Clinic As She Visited Too Many Of Allopathic Physician And Not Getting Relief From Her Just A Cough Complaint. She Made A Mind Now To Take An Alternative Treatment So She Visited My Ayurveda Clinic. During An Examination, I Came To Know That Rama Ben Is A Very Reticent Person; I Thought That She Might Be Hiding Some Of Her Other Complaint And Continuously Directing Towards Having A Just Cough And Breathlessness. Her Daughter Neelam Gave Me All History Of Her Mother That Her Mother Was Suffered From Tuberculosis Twice And As Usual Not Gaining Her Weight But She Can Do Her All Household Without Any Hassle. Neelam Also Told Me That Her Father Was Suffering From Hepatic Coma. She Also Shared About Her Financial Crisis, Family Problems . I Have Always An Experience That A Patient Or Patient’s Relative Telling About Their Health Problems Along With Their Other Problems Also. I Don't Know But Their All Type Of Sufferings May Have Solution With Doctor … Let It Be.

While Neelam Was Narrating The Whole Case Of Rama Ben; Rama Ben Was Quite And Coughing. She Didn't Utter A Single Word But After Fifteen Minutes Rama Ben Just Requested Me To Put Off The Air- Conditioning As She Was Getting Cough And Cold Due To AC. It Was Very Difficult To Diagnose Her As She Was Giving Compliant Of Just Cough And She Was Not Taking An Active Part In A Doctor-Patient Conversation. It Is Too Difficult To Judge Patient From Just Hearing Complaints From Their Relative. I Tried My Best To Make Rama Ben To Talk But I Failed. I Did My All Clinical Examination And Reviewed Her Reports Gave Medicine And Asked Her To Come For Follow Up After Seven Days.

After Three-Four Days I Got A Call From Neelam That Her Mother Was Eaten Outside And Now She Was Suffering From Vomiting And Stomach Ache. As I Was On Leave I Advised Her To Visit A Nearby Hospital. After Two Days Neelam Called Me That Her Mother Is Fine Now And They Will Visit Me Again. Again After Few Days Neelam Phoned Me And Told That Her Mother Was Again Suffering From Vomiting And Stomach Ache Severely And In The Emergency Condition, She Admitted Her Mother To The Nearby Government Hospital.

Next Day Again Neelam Called Me And Informed That Her Mother Underwent CT Scan And Was Diagnosed With Cancer Of Sigmoid Colo. She Added That Her Mother Was Suffering From Stomach Ache From Last One Year And Episode Of One Or Two Vomiting Per Day But Her Mother Has Neither Paid Attention To This Complaint Nor She Discussed This Complaint With Other; That Time I Realized That I Was Right Rama Ben Was Hiding Some History.

I Asked Neelam To Take Treatment At Government Hospital Only As Ramaben Posses An Orange Ration Card So She Would Be Benefited Under Rajiv Gandhi Yojna For Her Treatment. Neelam Started Her Mother's Treatment In A Government Hospital. After That Ramben Underwent Surgery And Came Up With A Temporary Stoma. Meanwhile Neelam Visited My Clinic And I Explained Her About Stoma Care And Asked Her To Give Only Cooked Food To Her Mother And Gave Some Medicines Like Asparagus And Hemidusmus To Keep Her Health To Tolerate Chemotherapy. After Operation Ramaben Started With An Ordeal Experience With Chemotherapy But Neelam Gave Me Feedback She Was Tolerating Chemotherapy Well As Compared To Other Patients Meanwhile Neeelam's Father Died Because Of Hepatic Coma. During All This, Up And Down Situation Ramaben Completed Her Treatment Successfully. When I Think Of Ramaben, I Think Ramaben's Disease Was Like Ramaben Only One Word For It "SILENT".


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